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IntegratedServo electric cylinder


Why choose integrated servo electric cylinder?

· Precise control: It is equipped with integrated servo motor and controlled by PLC or controller to realize closed-loop precise positioning
· Multi-stage speed and position function, with control switch, can freely adjust the speed and position of the servo electric cylinder
· Low noise, energy saving, clean, high rigidity, impact resistance, long life


Product description:

The servo electric cylinder is a modular product that integrates the servo motor and the lead screw. It converts the rotary motion of the servo motor into linear motion, and at the same time transforms the advantages of the servo motor (precise speed control, precise revolution control, and precise torque control) into Accurate speed control, precise position control, and precise thrust control realize a new revolutionary product in the high-precision linear motion series.

System composition:

The servo electric cylinder system is mainly composed of motors, push rods and control devices.

Why choose integrated servo electric cylinder?

·Small space requirement: internal integrated drive
·Control system: No complicated control system (PLC, driver, HMI, motion controller, etc.) is needed, just control the switch
·Easy to install and maintain

Compared with other products:

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