AGV and robot

Application of integrated motor in mobile robot (AMR)
Release Date : 2020-08-14 17:56:16

Mobile robots (AMR) require efficient wheel drive systems, so low-speed, high-torque and durable integrated servo motors or integrated brushless motors are undoubtedly the ideal choice to achieve the long-term performance and reliability that users expect. PMM series integrated servo motors or BLM series integrated brushless motors are specially designed for this market segment.

Robotics is one of the fastest-growing technologies today, and it has changed many market segments for consumer, industrial and commercial applications. Limasheng continues to promote the improvement of the application performance, efficiency and accuracy of these robots, while reducing the overall size of the motion system. Limax’s innovations help provide motion control solutions for today’s and future robots.
NiMotion integrated motor solution can provide you with the required low voltage and high speed without affecting accuracy and accuracy, and is integrated in a compact package. Other accessories such as gearboxes can help adjust the motor speed and increase torque output, and the encoder can achieve precise control and feedback, all of which can help you accurately adjust the motor solution according to specific requirements.

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