AGV and robot

Application of integrated motor in automatic guided vehicle (AGV)
Release Date : 2020-07-30 18:39:58

For automated guided vehicles, highly efficient wheel drive systems are required, so a low-speed, high-torque and durable integrated servo or integrated brushless motor is undoubtedly the most suitable to achieve the long-term performance and reliability that users expect. PMM series integrated servo motors or BLM series integrated brushless motors are specially designed for this market segment.

A subsystem that drives the AGV to operate automatically and has speed control and braking capabilities. Mainly include vertical motor, reducer, driver, control and drive circuit, etc. The drive system is generally closed-loop and open-loop. The former is based on integrated closed-loop stepper motors and servo motors, and the latter is based on stepper motors (Limasheng PI motors). Limax integrated motors provide a smooth and controllable power control system worldwide, and have the high starting torque required for mobile platforms.


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