Textile machinery

Application of integrated motor in textile yarn guide
Release Date : 2020-07-30 18:32:10

The yarn guide machinery and precision winding machine used in the textile industry have high-speed and precise positioning motion control requirements for the motor.
The precise positioning and yarn guiding ability of the micro-motor during winding is the key to the function of the yarn guiding mechanism.
Our unique disc stepper motor technology combines the precise movement of a stepper motor with the high acceleration of a brushless DC motor.

Motor advantages

  1. The shortest dynamic movement time (> 300,000 rad/s2 angular acceleration)
  2. Higher speed than hybrid stepper motors
  3. High precision and control ability
  4. Long life, low noise
  5. Ball bearings extend motor life
  6. Customized winding
  7. Position feedback encoder makes the motor performance exceed the brushless servo motor
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