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Application of integrated brushless motor in printing machine
Release Date : 2020-07-29 18:34:06

The invention and development of the printing press play an important role in the spread of human civilization and culture. Continuous and accurate multi-axis positioning control with high dynamic response is essential in printing presses.

The motors commonly used in packaging and printing machines are usually divided into two categories. One category is mainly used to drive production machinery to complete various production tasks, called power motors. Power motors usually have high power, exceeding several kilowatts;
The other is a motor used as a driver or detection element in an automatic control system or computing device, called a control motor system. Generally speaking, the control system has relatively small power, usually less than kilowatts, such as low-voltage servo motors and stepper motors.
With the continuous development of automation control, computer and electronic technology, modern packaging printers are developing in the direction of high quality, high precision, high speed and high automation. The automation level of packaging printing presses is getting higher and higher, and the control system can realize the complete automation of the entire printing press operation and the entire operation process from paper (cardboard) transportation to the end of printing.
For example, the new printing slotting die cutting machine adopts motion control technology, and all printing operations are synchronously controlled by a central motion controller to control an integrated brushless motor. It can be said that the integrated motor is an indispensable controller and driver in today's high-performance packaging printers.
In order to meet the requirements of the control system in this field, the top technical level and a thorough understanding of the industry are required. At present, only a few domestic manufacturers are developing brushless motor-driven packaging printers. Therefore, NiMotion seizes the opportunity to use industry advantages to develop various integrated stepping motors, integrated brushless motors and integrated brushless motors suitable for packaging and printing equipment. Low-voltage servo motor drive system.
From the type of motor used in the packaging printing machine, you can measure how high the technical content of the equipment is. NiMotion's BLM series integrated brushless DC motors can provide the performance, control methods and network buses required by printing machinery OEMs.


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