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Application of integrated motor on air pump (ventilator)
Release Date : 2020-07-17 18:30:05

With the development of medical electronic technology, there are more and more types and forms of ventilator, and the core of the ventilator is the motor control system.

Air delivery systems, control, regulation, and various monitoring and alarm systems for medical applications require precise and reliable air pump solutions to accurately control volume, pressure, and flow. NiMotion's BLM series of integrated brushless motors and high-performance stepper motors are ideal for air pumps. They have the characteristics of small size, high torque, accurate speed control, and low noise. They are the ideal solution for adjusting the airflow of the ventilator. .
1. Pneumatic-electrically controlled ventilator
This type of ventilator normally operates under the power of compressed gas and electricity, but the power of ventilation control, regulation, and various monitoring and alarm systems comes from the ventilator motor. STM series integrated stepper motors can be used to achieve complex Multi-functional application.
2. Regulation system
Modern ventilator motors usually work in conjunction with sensors and automatically adjust VT, Paw, E:I and other parameters through commands issued by the controller. At the same time, it is also equipped with various monitoring and alarm systems to display its values ??in various forms, display the current state of the ventilator and adjust the parameters.
3. Air Oxygen Mixer
The ventilator is equipped with a precision air oxygen mixer, which can provide patients with different oxygen concentrations of gas. The air-oxygen mixer is generally composed of three parts: a balancing valve, a proportioning valve, and a safety device. The motor is generally used in safety devices. Its function is that when any one of the two gases has been exhausted or does not meet the requirements for use, the other gas is automatically switched by the motor control valve to maintain the gas supply.

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