Medical equipment

Application of integrated brushless motor in surgical robot
Release Date : 2020-07-17 18:23:45

As the degree of automation of surgical equipment continues to increase, modern operating room equipment has become more accurate and less invasive, making modern medical methods more advanced. From traditional orthopedic surgery to minimally invasive general surgery, different surgical procedures, medical machine equipment designers need more types of motors for a variety of different applications.

Integrated stepper motors, integrated brushless motors, manipulators and drives are the key components in this type of automation equipment. The rich experience of Limaisheng's integrated motor driver product portfolio in surgical applications makes us a comprehensive supplier that meets the development needs of our customers' robots.
NiMotion provides a variety of solutions for traction, steering, arm, joint positioning and arm tool control:
NiMotion brushless DC product series can provide high speed, high torque and high precision motors for any endoscope, arthroscopy or orthopedic peripheral actuator.
For the motion requirements of joint control, joint joint, haptics or other drives outside the disinfection area, Limax's wide range of micro motors can provide the precise positioning required for robot motion control, including integrated brushless motors and integrated steps Into the motor.
Our all-in-one motors have been used in a variety of surgical robot applications, including: autonomous and semi-automatic robotic surgery systems, robot-assisted surgical equipment (RASD), smart handheld tools, and guidance and navigation systems.

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