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Application in automatic distinguishing RFID electronic label device
Release Date : 2020-07-17 18:05:10

With the development of the Internet of Things technology, RFID electronic tags have been widely used in various industries, especially in the field of traditional Chinese medicine preparation configuration. However, if manual reading and writing and manual entry and exit inspection are performed, it is extremely error-prone and very inefficient. The use of an integrated motor to automatically detect and distinguish the quality of RFID electronic tags will greatly improve customer installation efficiency and factory automation.


In order to solve the problem of full inspection of RFID electronic tags in storage, to prevent unqualified products from flowing into the production process, resulting in unqualified inspection after product production, the product must be disassembled and reworked. Based on this demand, NiMotion's self-developed automatic detection device can solve the user's problems well. The core of the device is an electric turntable composed of an integrated stepper motor.
The device is a fully automatic test device, which includes 200 pieces of RFID electronic tags for automatic feeding, automatic detection, automatic sorting for qualified and unqualified and other functions. And automatically organize and collect, the design test speed is 3S/piece. The single chip will store the test times and test results in the RFID chip. The system will automatically record the total number of test chips, qualified quantity, unqualified quantity, and qualified rate.
This device is a fully automatic test device, which uses an integrated stepper motor and turntable to ensure the speed of inspection, improve the resolution accuracy, greatly improve the work efficiency, and reduce the labor cost. It is the concept of intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0 A small breakthrough in the transformation of traditional industries.


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