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Seven application areas of electric motors
Release Date : 2020-08-14 17:47:11

Electric motors are widely used. Here are the seven important application areas of electric motors:

1. Electric servo drive field

Where speed control and position control (servo) are required, special motors are more and more widely used. Switched reluctance motors, permanent magnet brushless DC motors, closed-loop stepper motors, permanent magnet AC servo motors, permanent magnet DC motors, etc. have been used in CNC machine tools, industrial electrical automation, automatic production lines, industrial robots, and various military and civilian equipment And other fields have been widely used. For example, the AC servo motor drive system is applied to the gravure printing machine, which achieves extremely high synchronization and coordination with its high control accuracy, so that this printing equipment has a high degree of automation, high registration accuracy, large printing range, low production cost, Advantages such as energy saving and convenient maintenance. In industrial sewing machines, with the extensive use of permanent magnet AC servo motor control systems, brushless DC motor control systems, and hybrid stepping motor control systems, industrial sewing machines have become automated, intelligent, compound, integrated, and efficient. , The rapid development of oil-free, high-speed, and direct drive direction.

2. Information processing field

Information technology and the information industry take microelectronics technology as the core, communications and networks as the forerunner, and computers and software as the foundation. Information products and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, electronic devices (including information input, storage, processing, output, transmission, etc.) that support the information age, and communication equipment (such as hard disk drives, optical disk drives, floppy disk drives, printers, fax machines, photocopiers, mobile phones) Etc.) A large variety of special motors are used. The information industry is highly valued at home and abroad, and has achieved rapid development. The annual demand for special motors in the information field is about 1.5 billion units (sets). Most of these motors are permanent magnet DC motors and brushless DC motors. Motors, stepping motors, single-phase induction motors, synchronous motors, linear motors, etc.

3. The field of transportation

At present, in high-end cars, in order to control the fuel and improve the comfort of the car and the needs of the display device status, 40-50 electric motors are used, and the electric motors on luxury cars can reach more than 80. The motors for automobile electrical equipment are mainly Permanent magnet DC motors, permanent magnet stepping motors, brushless DC motors, etc. As a green transportation tool in the 21st century, electric vehicles have received widespread attention in various countries. The motors used for electric vehicle driving are mainly high-power permanent magnet brushless DC motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, switched reluctance motors, etc. The development trend of these motors is High efficiency, high output and intelligence. Domestic electric bicycles have developed rapidly in recent years. Electric bicycles are mainly driven by wire-wound disc permanent magnet DC motors and permanent magnet brushless DC motors. In addition, special motors have also been widely used in locomotive driving and ship propulsion, such as linear motors. Used to drive maglev trains and subway trains.

4. Household appliances field

At present, about 50-100 special motors are used in general households in industrialized countries. The main types of motors are: permanent magnet DC motors, single-phase induction motors, series motors, stepping motors, brushless DC motors, AC servo motors, etc. In order to meet the increasingly high requirements of users and meet the needs of the development of the information age, to achieve energy saving, comfort, networking, and intelligence for household appliances, the replacement cycle of household appliances is very fast, and high efficiency is proposed for the matching motors. , Low noise, low vibration, low price, adjustable speed and intelligent requirements. The motors used in the household appliance industry are being updated, and household appliances driven by high-efficiency permanent magnet brushless DC motors represent the development direction of the household appliance industry. For example, the current popular high-efficiency energy-saving inverter air conditioners and refrigerators use permanent magnet brushless DC motors to drive their compressors and fans. The washing machine adopts a low-noise multi-pole flat permanent magnet brushless DC motor, which can directly drive the drum without the original mechanical reducer and realize stepless speed regulation. It is currently a high-end product in the washing machine. The permanent magnet brushless DC motor is used in the vacuum cleaner to replace the original single-phase series motor, which has the advantages of small size, high efficiency, low noise and long life.

5. Consumer electronics

Audio-visual equipment such as record players, tape recorders, VCD video discs and DVD video discs, as well as advanced smart toys and entertainment fitness equipment supporting motors are mainly permanent magnet DC motors, printed winding motors, wire wound reel motors, brushless DC motors, etc. Consumer electronics such as video recorders, camcorders, and digital cameras are in great demand, and the products are updated quickly. These products are equipped with precision motors and are difficult to manufacture and process. Especially after digitalization, newer and higher requirements are put forward for motors. .

6. National Defense

There are many categories of military special motors and components, with different specifications, and nearly 10,000 varieties. Their basic functions are: mechanical position sensing and indication, signal conversion and calculation, motion speed detection and feedback, motion device driving and positioning, speed, Acceleration, position precision servo control, timing standard and low-power power supply, etc. Based on the requirements of its special performance, special function and special working environment, a large number of the latest technological achievements of related disciplines have been absorbed, especially the application of new technologies, new materials and new processes, which has given birth to many new structures and new principle motors with distinctive micro The characteristics of integration, digitization, multifunction, intelligence, systemization and networking.
For example, traditional torpedo steering gears use a hydraulic-mechanical drive system to drive the rudder surface, which provides three-axis power for the torpedo to control the heading, depth and roll, and realize the designed torpedo trajectory; currently new torpedoes at home and abroad have adopted electric steering gears, The electric steering gear mostly uses a brushed DC servo motor, but the inherent shortcomings of the brushed servo motor bring many problems to the reliable operation of the electric steering gear system. The rare-earth permanent magnet brushless DC motor with small size, light weight, high power density, high performance index and good servo performance and dynamic characteristics meets the special requirements of the torpedo electric steering gear system.
At present, the special motors that are mainly applied and developed in the field of defense are permanent magnet AC servo systems; permanent magnet brushless DC motors; high-frequency and high-precision dual-channel resolvers; micro, light and thin permanent magnet DC torque motors; high-precision angular position sensors Motors; stepping motors and drivers; low inertia DC servo motors; permanent magnet DC torque tachometer units; drive motor accelerometer components; ultrasonic motors; linear and direct drive motors, etc.

7. Special purpose fields

In some special fields, the motors used in various aircraft, detectors, automation equipment, medical equipment, etc. are mostly special motors or new types of motors, including motors that are different from general electromagnetic principles in principle, structure, and operation. For low-speed synchronous motors, harmonic motors, limited-angle motors, ultrasonic motors, microwave motors, capacitor motors, electrostatic motors, etc. For example, an ultra-thin ultra-thin ultrasonic motor with a thickness of 0.4 mm is applied to a micro helicopter; a micro ultrasonic motor is applied to a camera system of a mobile phone, etc.
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