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Emerging application areas and growth areas of motion control
Release Date : 2020-08-07 17:57:51

Previously, the complexity of motion control greatly restricted its application scenarios. However, advanced technology has greatly promoted the improvement of motion control capabilities. According to data from Kenneth Research, it is estimated that by 2023, the global motion control market is expected to reach approximately USD 21.75 billion. According to Monroe Scoop industry analysis, it is expected to reach 27.99 billion US dollars by 2026. With the continuous development of motion control in new industries and new applications, its utilization rate continues to increase.


Logistics continues to develop with the help of motion control. For example, the automated guided vehicle (AVG) has been used for many years. It follows the guiding lines on the floor of the warehouse to transport products and items to different locations, but its limitations have stimulated the field of innovation.
Automated mobile robots (AMR) have now been developed to provide a higher level of automation in the logistics industry.
These robots, driven by motion control applications, can be independently guided by the central controller, or download path information for self-direction.
They have sensors to avoid collisions with other AMRs or people. Have greater autonomy and flexibility.

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) aims to make cheaper, stronger, and more efficient materials and products.
The two main technologies of additive manufacturing are computer programming and motion control.
3D printers can use various motors, including stepper motors.
The popularity of additive manufacturing is getting higher and higher, and its application range is unlimited, from products to prototyping to prostheses in the healthcare industry.
A recent survey conducted by Forbes found that 80% of the companies surveyed stated that 3D printing enables them to innovate faster.
With the popularity of 3D printing, its demand for motion control systems will also increase.


Agriculture and innovation have long been closely linked. As farmers all over the world realize the convenience that automation can bring to production, the need to implement automated processes continues to increase.
Motion control enables farmers to maximize efficiency. Therefore, the demand for electric motors in agriculture is greater than ever before.
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