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From the Silk Road to modern logistics and transportation,how will the world be?
Release Date : 2020-07-09 17:41:53

It took thousands of years from the primitive society to the agricultural society, but only 200 years before and after the agricultural society to the industrial society, the world has undergone earth-shaking changes.
Now you can even eat delicious sushi in Hokkaido in the morning, and sunbathe on the beaches of the Americas in the afternoon, while drinking the Arctic love of ice, is it incredible?
What had previously existed only in fantasy has now become within reach. This is the change that industrial technology has brought us.

In history, people’s lives are often threatened by disasters such as war, famine, disease, etc. Now this situation is becoming less and less, because today’s information, technology, medical, biological, logistics, etc. are at a high level, which can be avoided or Solve the problem of disaster.
Among them, logistics transportation plays an important role, it is very important for the modernization of human society, including the entire historical human civilization.
How important is logistics for the development of modern human life? It is no exaggeration to say that in our survival field, the supply of food and materials is the guarantee of life. For example, in the case of shortage of materials in a certain place, global materials can be transferred to the region in a very short time.
Therefore, logistics has become the key to human survival. Moreover, since ancient times, logistics and transportation has greatly promoted the rapid spread of cultural knowledge and ideas.

Like the historically famous Silk Road, people learn new and advanced things from all over the world to improve their own shortcomings, so society has developed at an unprecedented speed, which not only achieved the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty, but also promoted the prosperity and development of the world.

Logistics and transportation promote trade cooperation among countries, bring countries closer together, enable them to expand diplomacy and avoid conflicts, and help maintain peace. Because once this balance is broken, it will be a mutual damage.
Compared to the past, the logistics development so far is truly unimaginable. However, we still face challenges, and the future logistics and transportation must be more intelligent and efficient.

In the field of warehousing, all AGVs and mobile robots have been interconnected and driven, but they have not been widely used. In particular, the solution has greater room for improvement and transition, which may be a new challenge.
As far as Limax's R&D team is concerned, providing solutions to these challenges fully complies with our philosophy. "Intelligent control, driving the future" is the impetus for us to support the next generation of automation technology and enterprises.
Not only us, but also historic opportunities for our partners and customers, which have brought about greater changes to the world we live in.

It is very important that we live in a world that is much better than ever, and it will get better and better. The gap between developed and developing countries is closing at a visible rate, so that the expression "third world countries" is becoming less and less.
I believe that in the near future, the world will become closer and people will live in a dream environment.
And we are like making our own innovations at the right place at the right time, facing the next trailblazer.
If you or your business need help to build an AGV and mobile robot motion control system, please contact me or my team.

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