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Demonstration of integrated low-voltage servo motor vibration suppression
Release Date : 2020-05-12 17:39:39
Servo systems are widely used in medical equipment, in vitro diagnostic equipment (IVD), mobile robots (AGV), intelligent warehousing, modern logistics, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.
With the development of servo drive technology, especially the development of some precision equipment, such as industrial robots and CNC machine tools, depends on the machining accuracy. The rigidity, structure, clearance of the servo motor and the deviation of the axis machine center will cause the vibration of the servo motor This in turn reduces the accuracy of the equipment and affects the quality of the processing equipment.

Traditional PID control is a common method to solve vibration suppression. NiMotion combined traditional PID control with observer, notch filter and filter to improve the traditional PID control, and developed a method that can effectively suppress vibration. PMM series integrated servo motor, please check integrated servo motor for detailed parameters.

PMM series integrated low-voltage servo motor vibration suppression effect demonstration:


If the end of the mechanical load is heavy, the end vibration is easy to occur during an emergency stop, which affects the positioning effect. This vibration can be effectively reduced by the low-frequency vibration suppression function.

1. If there is horizontal transportation, reduce the waiting time for vibration elimination through vibration suppression, and improve production efficiency.


2. When filling the packaging machine, it can suppress the liquid shaking and ensure the sealing quality.


3. The movement of the chip tray can prevent the workpiece from being damaged due to vibration during transportation.


4. When the crane is used, restrain the shaking during transportation.


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