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NiMotion obtained design patent certificate
Release Date : 2020-04-27 18:23:12

Warm congratulations to NiMotion for obtaining the design patent certificate of "Integrated Stepper Motor Control" and "Integrated Motion Controller"

Recently, NiMotion (Beijing NiMotion Control Technology Co., Ltd.) has obtained two design patent certificates, "Drive Control Integrated Stepper Motor (STM28)" and "Integrated Motion Controller (NIMC2000)".
The products that obtained the design patent certificate this time were "STM28 series integrated stepper motor" and "NIMC2000 series integrated motion controller" independently developed by the company. The product certificate fully reflects the core competitiveness of NiMotion in product design and innovation.



The acquisition of the above certificate is an affirmation of the company's product innovation and reflects NiMotion's independent design innovation ability. Since its establishment, the company has always insisted on the development of more efficient integrated intelligent products, and has been committed to providing high-quality professional and advanced motion control system solutions for domestic and foreign intelligent equipment manufacturers.
At present, NiMotion's main products include integrated closed-loop stepper motors, integrated servo motors, integrated brushless motors, integrated motion controllers, integrated drive and control machines, and various types of communication protocol converters. System, distributed control system, intelligent equipment control and various intelligent motion control products.
NiMotion always regards "intelligent control drives the future" as the value of corporate growth and incorporates it into the product development philosophy. Technological innovation is the unremitting driving force for the development of the company. The company will continue to innovate, provide customers with more comprehensive and high-quality needs and services, and give users a better experience.
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