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Application of integrated stepper motor in packaging machine
Release Date : 2020-07-30 18:25:54

In a packaging machine that integrates bag making, filling, and sealing, the plastic film for packaging is required to be positioned and supplied at a fixed length. Whether it is intermittent or continuous, it can be completed by an integrated stepping motor.

1. Used for intermittent packaging machine

The intermittent packaging machine uses an integrated stepping motor to supply the film, and the reliability is improved. In the past, the packaging film was supplied and delivered by the crank-link mechanism intermittently. The structure was complicated and the adjustment was difficult. Especially when the product needed to be replaced, it was not only difficult to adjust, but also a lot of waste of packaging film.
Adopting an integrated stepping motor and the pulling belt roller to directly connect the pulling belt, not only the structure is simplified, but also the adjustment is extremely convenient. It can be realized only through the buttons on the control panel, which saves adjustment time and packaging materials.

2. Used for continuous packaging machine

In the continuous packaging machine, the horizontal seal is a very important executive mechanism, and it is also one of the more complicated mechanisms in the packaging machine. Especially for packaging films with color labels, the sealing and cutting positions are extremely strict.
In order to improve the accuracy of cutting, people have developed an eccentric sprocket mechanism, a crank guide rod mechanism, etc., but these mechanisms have the disadvantages of troublesome adjustment and low reliability. The main reason for these shortcomings is that the process requires constant speed, horizontal sealing and positioning cutting of the horizontal sealing wheel.
The integrated stepping motor directly drives the horizontal sealing wheel to achieve speed synchronization. The film supply wheel of the continuous packaging machine is for continuous film supply. During horizontal sealing, the linear speed of horizontal sealing is required to be synchronized with the speed of film feeding to avoid tearing of the film and film accumulation.
The total time of each rotation of the horizontal sealing wheel and the time required for horizontal sealing are constant. To meet the requirements of speed synchronization, the speed of the integrated stepping motor can be divided into two parts. One part first meets the requirements of speed synchronization , And in the continuous packaging machine without load, the integrated stepping motor rotates continuously, and the packaging film is uniformly and continuously transported. When the bag length is changed, it can be realized only by the dial switch.


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