Application of brushless motor driver in shared bicycle/scooter
Release Date : 2020-08-19 18:06:15

In many parts of the world, bicycles are the center of culture. Whether for leisure or actual transportation, bicycles can be used in daily life, such as shopping or commuting to get off work.
Cycling not only reduces CO 2 emissions and has a mitigating effect on climate warming, but also rising fossil fuel prices and many areas (and congested roads) have prompted more residents in large cities to use bicycles as a viable alternative to cars At the same time, cycling itself is also a healthy exercise.
Therefore, shared bicycles based on Internet applications have emerged globally, allowing users to rent bicycles at will, avoiding the risk of theft and the cost of buying and maintaining bicycles, and the usage rate of shared bicycles is about four times that of self-owned bicycles.
Bike lock and drive
A key element of the bicycle rental system is to lock the bicycle in the smart bicycle rack when the registered user is not using the bicycle. In some lock systems, a small brushless motor is installed in the front fork of the bicycle to fix the undetected bicycle. The bike sharer can then unlock the bike (at a watched rental station), or in some cases, use a smartphone app to unlock the bike on their own.
The electric bicycle (scooter) design includes a sensor that records when the rider steps on the pedal and sends that information to the controller. The unit then regulates the power from the battery to the motor. Therefore, as long as current flows, the pedal assist device of the scooter will be engaged.
Where the bicycle adopts the form of a pedal electric bicycle (pedal), the motor also completes the drive system to increase the bicycle speed or climbing torque. It can be customized according to the pedal power or rhythm of the rider.
Bicycle drive manufacturers use brushless motors in their designs. In fact, brushless motor drives are so powerful that electric bicycles with these drives are just like ordinary bicycles. The brushless DC motor is paired with a planetary reducer to keep the design compact and integrate into the bicycle frame; then the battery of the drive is disguised as a water bottle. Electric-assisted bicycles with this drive output 330 watts (peak) every 5 minutes.
Brushless DC motors can also ensure the correct driving force on variable speed bicycles, including standard bicycles and electric bicycles. Electronic shifting ensures effective riding and increases comfort and safety. At the same time, the gear shift is carried out with the help of a small brushless motor, which reduces the wear of the gear shift components.
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